Woman with Yellow Blouse by Egon Schiele.

Egon Schiele, The green hand, 1910. Exhibition 100 Master Drawings from the © Leopold Collection, til Oct 20, 2014, Vienna.


my madds
4th in SoHo

I know I haven’t called you back in a week but I had a good reason
You asked me why my hands
were shaking so damn hard
and I couldn’t find the words
to tell you that sometimes
when two stars collide they
form a black hole and your
voice is my favorite song
and the way your lip quivers
when you’re about to cry
makes my bones feel like they’re
snapping in half and I love 
you too much to spit the
black soul sucking mass of
nothingness I feel growing
in my chest into your mouth
because you’re the brightest
thing in the sky and my
eyes are closed but I can 
still see myself burning out
and I’m so sorry but I 
can’t kiss you tonight